The Power of S3

The power of S3 is our Speed, Service and Synergy as an organization. It serves as the basis for who we are and what we do every day. Every decision we make is held up against the S3 platform.

Speed - Synchronized Systems

We use our non-linear approach to business with our synchronized systems to ensure everyone involved with our customer’s lending process is up-to-date on current status and next steps.

  • Express Doc: We work with our closing partners to distribute instructions and ensure the HUD is approved weeks before the loan closes.
  • Express Appraisal: Enhanced appraisal reviews that allow for speed and accuracy.
  • Attorney Select: Choice in your closing team that breeds competition and increases closing speeds from days to hours.
  • Express Decision: Easier loans have an expedited process avoiding delays behind more complicated loans, which enhances the customer experience.

Retail-Centric Platform

We are singularly focused on the growth and development of our loan officers and believe all other lines of business detract from that focus.

  • Branch Network: Our network of retail branches are well-maintained, clean, easily visible and located in high traffic retail areas with high profile signage.
  • Referral-Based Loan Officers: Focused on referral purchase business and past customer retention.
  • FNMA and GNMA Seller/Service: We are not bound by investor restrictions or limitations, which enhances the customer experience.


We stay true to our one day underwriting turn time and four hour documentation preparation, as outlined in our Service Level Agreement.

  • Streamlined Guidelines, Products and Programs: Enable the entire team to work together, with less mistakes and more repeat business.
  • Vast Product Base: Our team of experienced mortgage professionals are experts in their fields.

Service - Technology

We equip our team with the tools they need to ensure high customer satisfaction, including a variety of state-of-the-art technology.

  • Integrated LOS: User friendly, easy to use, and provides status views throughout the lending process.
  • Contact Management System: Our system can help you stay in touch with prospects, in process borrowers, and closed borrowers. Our turnkey system will help you automatically send quarterly mailers and closing gifts, while notifying you of customer birthdays straight to your Smartphone. It will also send loan status updates to the borrowers from the in process to the closed status!
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Websites: Our loan officer websites have SEO capabilities that will drive traffic to your website and enhance your search engine visibility.
  • Dashboard Accounting: Down to the loan officer level.


We have worked hard to build an industry leading training platform. Whether you’re new to Service First, or new to the industry, we have a training plan for you.

  • Processing Path
  • Underwriting Path
  • Loan Officer Development
  • Service Accountability Workshops (SAW) for the loan officers


We are a team of experienced mortgage professionals ready to deliver high quality results for our customers.

  • Experience: 18 years of experience in servicing loans for our communities.
  • Success Stories: We pride ourselves on growing loan officers into mega producers and we have many success stories to show for it.
  • Financially Strong
  • Compliance Strong

Synergy - Collaboration

We believe open collaboration leads to overall efficiencies in our processes, which leads to greater trust and respect that enhances our success.

Seamless Branch Integration

We believe that everyone in our organization is a part of the Service First family, which is why we host and participate in several events and meetings throughout the year to ensure we are all connected.

  • 2x4 Collaborations: Front-line meetings with our branches.
  • Symposiums/Think Tanks: We gather to share ideas and best practices.
  • Quarterly Marketing Campaigns: We leverage campaigns to enhance field presence and common themes.
  • Monthly Manager Calls: We host monthly calls with our managers to ensure everyone stays informed of relevant news and events.
  • Monthly Operations Manager Calls: We host monthly calls with our operations managers to share best practices.


We know that each of our team members requires the right resources to perform their role effectively. This is why we provide a variety of resources for our team members.

  • Zen Desk: An online system that allows you to quickly ask the experts in underwriting to provide answers to your scenarios and underwriting opinions.
  • Marketing: Lead management, closed loan marketing, co-branded marketing.
  • Compliance: Strong and will keep you informed.
  • Recruiting: Help you build your team.
  • Training: Let us help you grow.
  • Executive Leadership: We are committed to collaboration and want our team to know that at Service First, your voice is heard.